Holiday and Event Lighting, tailored to your tastes and needs. High-quality lighting at an affordable price.


Light your home

We specialize in home, roof-line lighting. We provide a free design consultation where you decide the color pattern and bulb type. We offer C9 LED and C9 incandescent lights in a wide variety of colors. Be in control of the way your home looks for the holidays! Quotes are determined by the footage of your roof-line.



lights of the highest quality

We source our lights from a well-known, decor warehouse in Salt Lake City, UT. The lights that we provide you are the same lights that are used to decorate Temple Square and Disneyland during the holidays! We sell the lights to you and you hold on to them year after year. We specialize in LED C9 bulbs, but we also provide the more traditional, incandescent C9 bulbs.



THe Process

  1. You contact us and we provide you a quote
  2. You decide to go with our service because we have the best value for your money!
  3. We consult with you on the design of your lights (type, color, pattern)
  4. We schedule an appointment and hang your lights
  5. You pay us for the lights (only first year) and labor at the previously quoted price
  6. We provide any maintenance to lights, free of charge
  7. After the holiday season, we schedule a take down appointment with you. Also free!
  8. We take down your lights and store them in a container
  9. You store the lights (they are yours after all)
  10. Next year, we come back and hang your lights, and you pay for labor only!