Holiday & Event Lighting Services, tailored to your tastes & needs. High-quality lighting at an affordable price.


Why struggle with your own holiday lights when Happy Valley Exteriors can do the hard work and let you enjoy the holiday season instead?

One of the most beloved traditions of the holiday season (not only in Utah but all across the country) are the appearances of holiday nights on homes and throughout neighborhoods. Whether it’s the way that holiday lights illuminate entire areas of a town on dark or snowy winter nights, or the creative and elaborate decorations that homeowners add to their homes to wow neighbors and visitors alike, creating an extensive holiday light display is often a right of passage for families throughout Utah and Salt Lake counties.

However, despite the beauty and tradition of setting up a holiday light display, anyone who has undertaken this process before knows how labor intensive and time consuming it can be. Then, once the holiday season is over, you have to take them all down again also, before the weather does any damage to your carefully chosen decorations.

Fortunately, this is where Happy Valley Exteriors steps in. Our friendly and professional team are experts in installing and removing holiday lighting displays, all for an affordable price and with your convenience in mind. From taking one more thing off your already-extensive holiday season list, to sparing you from clambering up ladders and braving the elements to hang lights under the top awning of your home, let our team safely, affordably, and quickly handle your home’s holiday lighting this season.

We specialize in home, roof-line lighting. We offer a free design consultation where you decide the color pattern and bulb type. We also can offer property owners C9 LED and C9 incandescent lights in a wide variety of colors. This means that even though we will be the ones doing all the work, you still have absolute control over the lighting you want to display on your home. Rate quotes are determined by the footage of your roof-line. Let us help you figure out what lighting your property needs.


We provide high-quality, professional-grade lights

We source our lights from a well-known, decor warehouse in Salt Lake City, UT. The lights that we provide you are the same lights that are used to decorate Temple Square and Disneyland during the holidays! Even better, after we sell the lights to you, they are yours. When we take them down at the end of the season, we pack them for storage and let you hold onto them year after year, until you are ready to put them back up for the next holiday season.


 Professional Installation and Removal

Once you have made your choices and picked out your lights, we will install them to your specifications on your property’s exterior. After the holiday season, we will then schedule a date with you to take the lights down and pack them for storage. You will then be responsible for storing the lights. When the next holiday season rolls around, no need to start from scratch - we can simply come by and install the same lights for you again. Now you can have the holiday light display you want, every season, without any of the hassle!

THe Process

  1. You contact us and we provide you a quote

  2. You decide to go with our service because we have the best value for your money!

  3. We consult with you on the design of your lights (type, color, pattern)

  4. We schedule an appointment and hang your lights

  5. You pay us for the lights (only first year) and labor at the previously quoted price

  6. We provide any maintenance to lights, free of charge

  7. After the holiday season, we schedule a take down appointment with you. Also free!

  8. We take down your lights and store them in a container

  9. You store the lights (they are yours after all)

  10. Next year, we come back and hang your lights, and you pay for labor only!