Christmas Lights Really Brighten up Your Holidays

A picture of a Christmas light with a bokeh background for emphasis

Our Holiday Lighting services are second to none. As well as window washing and power washing, we also hang Christmas lights around your home to help you get ready for the Christmas season! Your home’s exterior is the most important thing to us.

Hanging your lights up yourself

Pulling out strings of Christmas lights is a hassle. Especially when you find that they are in a gigantic tangled knot. On top of spending the better part of an hour unknotting them then you need to pull the ladder out from its resting place in the garage, lean it up against the house, and proceed to balance yourself as you climb up to your roof. 

Next, you connect the lights to the edge of your roof, but you never seem to have very effective connectors. You keep hearing how you shouldn’t use screws, nails, or staples to do it so you bought some clips from Home Depot for the job. Once you get up to your roof and attempt to attach the lighting strands, you find that what you bought won’t do the job. Finally, you pin-point the correct kind of clips that are just the right size and have just the right adhesive to they can stick onto your home and take the weight of the lights. 

Finally, after hours of effort, you get the job done. You have put up the lights up, the extension cord is working, your family is happy with how it looks, and everything is good with the world. Then the thought hits you that in just a few weeks you need to go through that process again so you can get them off your house, or else you’d be known as the lazy folks up the street who still have their Christmas lights up in the Spring. 

Having us hang your lights up

Ahhhh Christmas. It is near that time of year again. The smell of fresh apple pie and hot chocolate permeate the air. The briskness of the morning air on this fine Monday morning is indicative of snowfall in the near future. Your head is full of those bright reds of wrapping paper and ornaments, the dark greens of pine trees and wreaths, and the taste of sugar cookies and other baked goods from your grandma. 

Hanging your Christmas lights is as simple as a phone call. A lot of people hang theirs themselves and you hear all kinds of horror stories from your friends and neighbors. Stories about how things didn’t go as planned and their process took longer than they planned for. All you do is dial Happy Valley Exteriors and schedule a time for one of their customer service-oriented technicians to come to your house and hang your lights for you.

What we can offer you!

All we need from you is a few minutes of your time so we can get your instructions on how to hang your lights, when you want us to come by, and when you want us to come back after the holiday to take your lights down. We will hang your lights according to your instructions. 

If you need to replace your Christmas lights, no problem, we can supply those as well. Do you know those beautiful lights that the grounds crew at Temple Square always hangs up year after year? We purchase lights from the same company that supplies Temple Square with its lights. They are great, quality lights that will make your neighborhood HOA members jealous.

We are a quick, easy solution for your holiday lighting needs. Give us a call at (801) 376-8479 or send us an email at to talk to us about our holiday lighting services today!