Why you should call Happy Valley Exteriors when your windows need washing

professional home window washers

Windows can be a very expensive addition to any home. They are a feature that requires TLC (tender love and care) at least annually. Windows are continuously exposed to the elements like the wind, rain, snow and everything else that happens outside. Glass is a pretty durable material but its not impervious to erosion, and the elements such as rain and wind cause erosion. 

Washing your windows is a no brainer. Setting those panes free from the bits of sand and other micro-elements that get blown into the pores or left behind from the rain should be done at least annually, bi-annually is the recommended.  

There are quite a few companies around, so why are we a great option to call when you need this service? Here are a few reasons to call us:

In your backyard

We are a company made of employees who live here in Utah Valley. We live among you and we potentially have washed your neighbors’ windows before. If you call us, we can be at your house and complete the job sooner than other window washing companies

Experience, trained, and motivated

We began operations in 2013. We have been beautifying people’s houses for almost seven years now. We hire college students who are trying to put themselves through school with minimal help from student loans. Our employees are motivated to do a good, thorough job and we have provided them with the necessary training to, not just treat you with the utmost respect, but to also treat your windows with care and the utmost respect.

Top-of-the-line equipment

We go out of our way to keep our window squeegee’s smooth and effective. You can’t wash a window without leaving behind streaks without a smooth squeegee. Our poles won’t break, our rags won’t scratch and our power washers won’t harm your window or leave any collateral damage behind. 

Power Washing

Speaking of power washing, if that is what your window needs, that is what we will give. Our washers are balanced to the point where they are strong enough to clean out those pores and gentle enough to not enlarge any of them.


But who has time to get out their ladder, set it up safely and securely, carry buckets of soapy water up and run a piece of wet rubber across their window? Well, that’s what we do. We can help you save time. 

Washing windows isn’t all we do! We will put Christmas lights up for you as well.

Curious about anything you’ve read so far? Want something you’ve read explained in greater detail? Or you want to get right to it and want your windows washed or the exterior of your home power washed? Then give us a call or shoot us a text at 801-376-8476 at any time, day or night, seven days a week. Or email us at happyvalleywindows@gmail.com for general inquiries about window washing or installing Christmas lights.