Why Getting Your Windows Washed is a Great Idea!

A colorful view of trees in the fall with fallen leaves all over the road

Autumn is less than a month away. Now is a great time to have your windows cleaned of all that dust that accumulated during the summer months.


Improves curb appeal

When you purchased your home, you made an investment. Protecting the value of that investment by making sure the exterior of your house is clean and organized is a no brainer. Keeping your windows clean should be one of your top priorities. Your windows accentuate your property and if they are dirty, the rest of your property’s cleanliness is taken down a notch.

It allows a clear view when looking out.

With autumn about a month away, now is a great time to get all of that dirt and grime that collected on them during those summer showers and dusty winds off of your windows so you can more clearly see those beautiful orange and yellow leaves. One of my favorite views during this season is looking out our windows at the mountains when they are covered in those elegant oranges, yellows, and browns of fall.

Reduces maintenance costs in the long run 

Keeping your windows clean will help you avoid glass degradation. There are many reasons to clean your windows that are geared toward maintaining the aesthetics of your home, but cleaning your windows helps improve the longevity and strength of your windows as well. Glass is a strong and brittle substance, but it is not an anti-erosive material. After so long of being blown by the wind and being covered in dust and sand particles the structural integrity of your window will weaken. It is time-consuming and costly to replace your windows and that cost can be avoided by simply having your windows cleaned when they need it.  

Clean windows improve the feeling of cleanliness in your home

I love sitting in a room that has recently been cleaned. There is something about the lack of dust on the bookcase, the organized lines in the carpet from the vacuum cleaner, and the crispness of the sheets or the couch cushions that make me feel comfortable and worry-free while I am in that room.

If you need your windows cleaned, save yourself the time and hassle of getting out the ladder, trying to balance buckets filled with water, and the risk of losing your footing while trying to wipe your windows. Call us at (801) 376-8476 or email us at Happyvalleywindows@gmail.com, we are a local and professional crew fully equipped with all the necessary tools to get your windows back to their original luster. 

With the Christmas season fast approaching, you might be thinking of putting up those festive holiday lights. We install those as well! Let us help.