How You Can Prepare Yourself For Spring Cleaning

A tidy cleaning area with a spray bottle and cute towels

That’s right! Winter is coming to an end and with that means Spring!


You may have thought the day would never come but it is fastly approaching, the day you can get over that cold you’ve been holding onto all winter and start fresh. One more way spring can help you start fresh is with spring cleaning. The best way to eliminate a large spring cleaning task is to start today! Don’t let your list of chores get too long that you can’t enjoy the little things without thinking of all the tasks you want to accomplish. When it comes to accomplishing chores or various tasks that don’t affect us today we push them off to another day, like Saturdays. But what happens when Saturdays come? We push it off again. 


How can we stop pushing all of our tasks off until tomorrow? We begin today! A great rule of thumb one can follow to eliminate their procrastination and woes of spring cleaning is to break each task into a 5-minute task. When we can break a task into 5-minute intervals we are able to quickly accomplish that task without having to blackout our calendar. If you know that you need to clean your car, for example, you could break it down to tasks like cleaning out the cup holders, glove box, change drawer, front seats, back seats, or going through the car wash. When we have the mindset that we are going to clean our car by going through and emptying my cupholders that is something I know will take hardly any time, while still marking something off my spring cleaning list. 


Make sure you have a permanent spot for all your things. Especially right after you purchase it. Do you ever feel like you have that piece of paper or book that feels like it is bouncing around your house? Today is the day that little book finds a spot in your home. Likewise, this principle can be helpful with all the items in your home. By organizing and coming to a conclusion where everything in your home belongs, will help you feel less cluttered and freer. 


Just when you thought your list of chores and tasks was long enough you totally forgot about the outside of your home. Maintaining and taking proper care of your property varies depending on your needs and the time you have available. Here at Happy Valley Exteriors, we are happy and excited to offer our various services in your spring cleaning adventures. From helping clean windows, gutters, and even taking down your Christmas lights, we are eager to eliminate your spring cleaning needs! 

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