Why Getting Your Gutters Cleaned will actually Save you Money and Time!

alexander andrews



When you don’t clean your gutters, it will allow for water to build-up. This water then finds its way into your home. There are a few different places the water can go, and they aren’t good for your home. Overfilled gutters will cause damage to your roof and water will leak through. Repairing a roof is not a fun or cheap repair. As a result of a leaky roof, you can see quickly the damage to the inside of your home, flooding occurs and with such, there is a long list of repairs that follow. Water stains on drywall are apparent and ugly. But the worst of it occurs when the walls begin to rot and have mold grow to cause the need for drywall replacement. The list goes on with the damage that occurs to homes each year because of neglect to get their gutters that even include flooding of basements and structural damage. 


More damage caused by dirty gutters happens outside of the home in the yard. With water overflowing on the side homeowners find their flower beds and lawns getting over watered and dying from overwatering. Too much water coming off your roof also changes the landscape of your yard washing away plants, dirt, bark, and mulch. Besides the water that overflows, you have all that water that sits in your gutter weighing it down and causing damage. Stagnant water also attracts pests like ants, mosquitos, spiders, mice, and rats. Gutters then become a great nest or home for these creatures and it isn’t long before they make it into your home. 


With all that damage to the inside and outside of your home, you can imagine the value of your home can take a quick dive. When someone comes to take a look at your home, they see the gutters filled with leaves, the flower beds are all washed away, and the lawn is dying from being over watered. This all before taking a step inside your home. Don’t let your gutters ruin the value of your home. 


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